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The highlight of yesterday was catching ATHF on AS and hearing "i am sofa king wee todd ed"

Well, that and Sealab.

Anyway, I was dead most of the day. Couldn't stay awake for some reason. I tried to watch The Last Samurai, but after BR and Z it just didn't cut it. I played quite a bit of DDR on the controller very loudly. Also did laundry and such.

Somehow, I still slept. I was able to get up early this morning and out to work for the hellish meeting. Arrived early, and although I brought my laptop and power cable, I forgot the damn PCMCIA network adapter, dongle, and cable. I still amused myself coding while the meeting went on. I managed to do okay until just before noon, when I decided that I needed to have lunch ASAP. I went to Chinese then dropped off leftovers before grabbing my network crap and heading back. The afternoon wasn't nearly as productive, but they stopped the meeting early.

I came home and vegged, but managed not only to stay awake, but to get some DDR in as well. I just got back from there, and am planning on having a sandwich before settling in to veg. I still may head out to the store in a bit for some fruit, but I don't think I'll be doing much else.

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