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Well, I finally got around to watching Zaitochi yesterday. It was... interesting. I especially liked the way music/rhythm was incorporated into many scenes, as well as the many fine examples of what happens when you don't watch where your sword is going. Kitano rocked, as always. I guess I liked it overall, but I think I want to watch it again, because I feel as if I missed a major point or something.

I also did some reorganizing/cleaning, but not nearly enough. I've got all this auction stuff coming in soonish, and I'm trying to get myself to recognize the trash I have and get rid of it to make room... As well, I would like to get all the stuff I'm trying to sell photographed and written up in preparation of eBay's next free listing day or something.

My stomach's been a bit off the past few days, and I'm not sure why. I could have been that meal at the Chessecake Factory, or perhaps all the DDR I've been doing lately.... Or even picking up LittleLove yesterday because they told me I wouldn't be able to.

Ah well, I suppose I'll just enjoy my day and relax... I'm dreading work and the 8am-5pm meetings this week.

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