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I finally got it all hooked up over lunch with LittleLove's help... It ROCKS. Rocks, I say, ROCKS!

Played the Music Videos from the first Escaflowne disc... I've never heard them sound THAT good. True, I did upgrade to a coax digital cable from DVD to the Receiver, but still - DAMN.

I tried to get the Internet Radio feature to work, but it wasn't playing nice. I'll have to debug that later. Also need to get the serial from it so I can download the PC server software and stream the MP3s off of my fileserver. Nice trick, that. They make you register your product to download the software.

I played briefly with labeling my inputs, so I now have a " PS2 US" and a "Vid Games" input instead of "Video 3" and 4. Much nicer. The Vid Games is set up with a switchbox to handle the PSOne, DC, and GC. Those all have nondigital composite inputs for now, so it's not a big deal to run 'em through the box.

One strange thing is that the volume is positive. As anyone who ever visted my place and watched in confusion as I turned the volume louder by approaching 0 on my previous receiver can attest, that will be a change.

Speaking of my previous receiver.... It's for sale if anyone is interested. Pics in my previous post. I'll throw in my old speaker wire and front speakers as well. It's a very nice box, I just wanted some upgrades and different features. I've had it since college, and it has server my VERY well the whole time with no issues. I'm slightly tempted to keep it and use it to run my computers through... But I'd rather just sell it atm to help cover the cost of my new toys. Offer me.

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