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Ugh, I'm beat. Hookup up all this A/V stuff is tiring.

I went and got some new speaker cable, banana plugs, coax digital, and digital optical cables over lunch/after work. I still need to get either a cheap little switch or more cat5.

After work, I crashed for a bit. Ate, then vegged a bit. Jingoro called, and we talked for quite awhile. Then LittleLove called, and we talked for a bit. I didn't start in on the hookups and rearranging until after 10, I think.

I've made progress, but it's far from over. The new toy is a bit bigger than the old one - it sticks out further from the cabinet. I left almost too much slack in the cables - I had to spend some time shoving them out the back to make room. This just solidifies my desire to replace the entertainment center I have with something more open.

I haven't even listened to anything yet. It's still unplugged. I have all the consoles to hook up yet, although the DVD player should be ready to go. I put the PS2 on a direct connection since I have the TOSLink for it now.

The pictures are up as requested. A couple shots of the new toy, and the new kickass remote are first, then Tiger, then a comparison with the old remote and then the old box.

I'm going to go die now - I think I've got meetings or something tomorrow.

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