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Oops I Did It Again

Haven't been posting as much as I mean to.

Yesterday, I was in pure coding mode. Put together an interesting little app for myself, but I may try to release/sell it.

Went home, then to Tippin's with LittleLove for dinner. Let's just say the service there isn't good at all. I think we left a 40 cent tip. The food isn't that great, either.

Then we headed to DDR. We did quite a bit, and it was fun. LittleLove was within a few steps of an A on Max300. It was their best run on that song yet. I AA'd something or other despite a miss, which I was happy about. I was pretty on my game for most of it, although I had an annoying tendancy to lose concentration 1/2 - 3/4 through a song. Got our names on the machine for Pop 4 Normal, then failed the Expert one.

Receiver should be in today. I have no idea when my PayPal stuff will clear or when I'll get billed from the deputy service. I'm a bit anxious to get some of this stuff in. I also found a good deal on a Plasma, so I'm going to see if I can afford it or not - I spent some of the money I was saving up for one on other toys instead.

Still need to watch BR2 and Z.

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