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I'd Just Like To Say...


Took a bit longer at lunch to wait for the end of the encode. Tried to figure out which of the two dozen files it created was the one I wanted. Found something which seemed like it would work, at last. It was WAY too small - only ~700MB. Used it, bulit the menus, added chapter marks and the photos, and burned it.

Had to get back to work, so didn't mail it.

Decided to go ahead and bring it in to work so I could verify that it was working.

It isn't.


So now I need to go back home and figure out WTF happened to it. One of the 3 DVD players I tried actually played the music during the photos. None of them play the audio with the video clips.

I'm at a loss as to why, but... I suppose I'll just let DVDLab run the audio transcode and demux and such and see what happens.

I'll have to go back and figure out what went wrong later.

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