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Ugh, Issues

I have yet to find a single utility that does everything I want. This means, of course, that I've got about a dozen different utils sitting here for every little thing I may have to do. I just installed a few more, trying to get this damn Premiere AVI export into the correct format and size limitations to fit on the disc with the pics -> DVD movie conversion I did last night. Ugh.

This is all rough, and timebound, or I'd redo parts of it. The app I used for the pics was nice in that it took the whole directory of pics and made it into a continuous DVD movie with transitions and audio. I couldn't get it to randomize the pics, though. Of course, that takes up around 1G of the disc. So, I need to get the ~30m of video into about 3G, then get the disc all set up with menus and such.

... All before I leave for work shortly, so I can stop by somewhere on the way to overnight the disc to Haha.

EDIT: Yeah, 4.5 hour encode process. I guess I'll try after lunch to get it done and out.

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