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update, dammit

I keep MEANING to update... I don't, though. And I had been doing so good with my daily updates. Ah, well.

The weekend was horrible. Between not sleeping well and not eating well and the resulting near-migraine headaches, that is. There were some moments of great frustration, as well. Highlights were when LittleLove was actually able to hang out, since they had to work each day.

I'm incredibly frustrated trying to recreate the few minutes of footage I already edited together now that I've recaptured it. The main problem is that I have to rely on purely visual cues to try to determining exactly where the edit points are. I don't recall why I made the edits I did, either. And I can't hear the sound from them, so I can't use that as a secondary guide. I did get some of it done, but not enough. I'm only minutes into the first tape, I only have minutes of footage done. It looks like I may end up just finishing up this part and slapping down a few more highlights tonight from the two tapes, then throwing the pics on with whatever music I have handy as background tomorrow. I need to ship this first thing overnight on Thurs if it's going to arrive to Haha on Fri.

eBay and Y!J suck. I've been re-addicted to bidding on stuff. I'm still trying to get the IIDX ASC, and I narrowly missed a decent price this morning on one. I hate that Y!J doesn't let you just go to an ended auction like eBay does - I'd like to see what the results were of a few of them I missed.

I've been playing with rss feeds. Found a nice simple rss agregator in php yesterday, and set about reworking it to my purposes. It's going pretty well so far. I have some ideas on what to try next with it.... But I may first look at a few other options. The problem is that the ones I've seen are OO and use objects and classes and such so that the code is too abstracted for me to wrap my head around. I have the same issue with phpBB.

Last n ight, I was so dead I fell asleep on the couch watching hockey while LittleLove was on the computer.

Work has been dead. D E A D, dead. Dead. It is dead, Dave. I mean dead. Dave, it is dead.

LittleLove and I have finally gotten out of sync the past few days. It's sucked, but it's kind of good in some ways. I was wondering when it would hit, and if we would be able to get past it. So.. we'll see. So far, it's been good. Honeymoon is over, and hopefully we'll settle back into things.

Supposedly taking LittleLove and grandparent out to dinner tonight, if our collective workdays don't drain us to the point where we don't feel like going. I still haven't told them where we're going, even though I thought it was pretty obvious given some comments and questions I asked in the past.

I think I'm going to spend the remainder of my lunch cleaning the catbox (joy) and putting my clothes away from laundry the other day. Then, I'll come home and get some editing done after work before dinner.

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