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I feel incomplete that I haven't updated my journal in so long... But, well.. y'know...

Chich and Haha are asleep here in the living room... I finished the book I was reading, but am still awake, so... Here I am at old faithful (hah) the comp...

I don't know where I left off, really... but here's what's on my mind...

xmas. I'm really starting to hate the holiday. It's pointless, I hate the crowds, I hate the idea of wasting money out of duty to such a commercialized concept. I asked for nothing for xmas, and I didn't get it. I bought dinner (well, lunch) at the world's best chinese place for chich and haha's gift. I have ideas about what I'm getting, but I don't know for sure.

Chichi took my house key to their house from me today. Guess I"m not welcome to stay another 9 months there again. They bought me a few things for my place, and food and such for themselves. Haha cleaned up stuff, did dishes, unpacked kitchen stuf boxes and put stuff away. That's the kind of thing I really wanted anyways. They alos bought dinner 2 nights. Chili's and J's... Not bad. Haha is cooking a ham here tomorrow, I don't know how...

I've met several interesting people, all of whom have SOs. I would love to hang out, maybe more, with any of them, but... We'll see. After the new year, I'll start working on such things.

I've actually started creeping back into an excerise routine, which I am definitely happy about. The workout romm here is great, and if I get those deluxe dance mats, I'll be able to do more at home as well.

Work... I know for a fact that I will need to move into another area ASAP. Unfortunately, by the corporate standards, that means 1 year. Running Bear is creating a new group, bringing back all of us who used to work together. I want to be there. now. I'm trying to get a meeting with him to discuss it, but.. It hasn't happened yet.

I also have some issues of pride, duty, and loyalty conflicting here. I'm loyal to Running Bear, but I did agree to be hired under my new boss and to work in this group. I have a hard time justifying it to myself that I need to leave now, especially with the workload that I know is going to hit the first few weeks of the new year. Besides the fact, I'm trying to look at it as a positive experience for my self development. I tend to stick to where I'm comfortable, and don't push my own boundaries enough. It's also a good place to be to get a sense of how the company works at a larger scale, the number of people involved, the money, etc... And it involves much more personal interface, which is something I know I need work on. So I plan to dive in and make the most of the coming year, then transfer. If I ever get a few minutes to talk to my boss alone, I'll ask what I need to do to be the best employee they have, and try to live by that.

Work has been a mess in some other ways, HR lost my paperwork, and people didn't fill out other paperwork, so all my stuff has been late getting set up. At least I have a network logon and email, so I can do work. I'm still waiting for the phone to be assigned to me and my laptop to come in. I've been 'training' and 'knowledge transferring' and 'shadowing' for 2 weeks now, I'm bored. I've hit the limits of what I know to do to keep busy and prepare for actual work. We'll see, I keep trying.

The people at work are very nice, open, relaxed, and friendly... If I can manage to relax and get into it, I'm sure I'll do well. They're a good group of people, but they operate at a different level than I'm used to. I'm much much much more technical than they are, and I tend to have annoyances flare up when they don't get into details or don't understand things. I'll have to deal with that somehow.

As for the lighter side, I'm planning to try to go out more with people here soon. I also want to get into the local community college fencing class to relearn my skills and meet people. There are some other events I may try as well.

The apt complex is having major problems, the people designing it evidently didn't plan for the severity of the weather. Also, the construction was a bit off in parts, so I've had lots of problems with heat and drafts. I took care of most of it, and am mostly happy here atm.

Well, I can't think of anything else major that's come up since I started the cheesy one-liner updates, so... Hopefully this catches me up to the present.

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