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Over and Over

So, let's just say that.... No, wait.

Insomnia sucks


Said it.

I've been meaning to make daily updates, but it just hasn't happened. I was feeling marginally better. Today, I feel quite a bit better, though still not up to 100%. I managed thus far without a nap... So why I can't get the hell to sleep is beyond me.

Lesse... Went shopping earlier with LittleLove. Got some more of the ubiquitous tv trays everyone has. Looked for a decent beanbag or flip-n-fuck, but couldn't find either. It's getting annoying, not being able to find those. Looked at/almost bought toys. Saw a Sony plasma on par with the Pioneer one I had lusted over earlier. Sony's was more expensive, though. Also, they had the 900 Receiver for 8-something... I think that's a good price, but I wanted to check online. And, of course there were the nice speakers... And those car mp3/cd/dvd/video/sat/effects/etc systems were tempting as well. LittleLove got a CD, which was our only damage.

Our next stop was an amusing store, in which we spent much time in. We ended up with a few things, then headed to DQ for dessert. It was a nice night out, and we sat outside for a bit until the chill set in.

I was talking to Rodimus earlier about Cobalt Fluxen... Well, I was mentioning that I'm still tempted to get them to LittleLove, and they offered to go in halves with me on a set. Interesting offer, but they've got other things that should take priority, so we'll see.

I still want to track down a pair of those IIDX arcade controllers. That would be fun times indeed.

I finally got back into advancing the plot in FFTA. I can finally steal weapons now, which is making some things quite a bit easier. I still kinda wish I'd started over now that I know some of the things I missed, but... With 83+ hours in the game, I think I'll just play as far as I can as it is for now. Perhaps I can set up a trade with someone who started off a little better and has some extras.

Hmm, I just had some peanuts to try to help me settle in. I'm thinking perhaps a little soy milk might further the cause. I'd rather avoid taking another pill, no matter how much I ache, just because I've been popping them like candy for two weeks now.

I'm probably going to cancel my home phone shortly. As in, this week. It's just not useful for the cost. Even with the discount, it's like $60 per month. And I haven't been making the LD calls I expected to, so it's not saving any cash. I'm also considering getting rid of cable. Not the modem, of course, just the TV. Between all the DVDs I have and the VHS still to convert and the misc downloads of random crap I've been leeching, I'm set as far as visual entertainment goes. Add those savings to the amount I'm saving now that I can turn the heat off and keep that bill lower, and then the amount once I pay my car off in a few months, and I've got quite a bit of extra cash on a monthly basis to play with.

This means, of course, that I could either afford some of the big toys I want... or do something like get a house. Jury's still out on that one. I keep passing these houses with signs on the way to/from work, and considering them.

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