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Outside = Bad

I went to the Evil Wally World, but I forgot to take my camera in order to show the evilness. Ah well, next time I make a snack bar run, perhaps. I went in, forgot my coupons, and had to go back out to get them. Why is it that ALL the self-checkout things were out of order? Dammit. There was a huge line because two very butch women (I think) had like 2 carts full of pepsi and such. All of us behind them with just a few little items were a bit annoyed until another cashier wandered over to solve the issue. They had attitude, but they got the job done relatively efficiently.

Then I almost hit an idiot because they went to turn right, then changed their mind and tried to go straight. Meanwhile, I was going straight behind them. They didn't look, just whipped back over in front of me. I evaded. Idiots. There were a few more idiots around as I headed to the store, but no incidents.

At the store, I got my stuff and headed to checkout. Of course, again, there was only one cashier and a line. At least everyone in front of me just had small items.

A couple more idiots and a cop or two on the way home. I felt like dogshit coming out of the store, so I didn't go anywhere else.

I already popped a pill, so just waiting for that to take effect so I can go upstairs and die.

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