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Movies in Review

Fat Choi Spirit

I enjoyed watching it. It was like God Of Gamblers Lite - way more humor, no hard edge. The only annoying thing was that the disc got stuck in several parts. Perhaps my cheapass DVD player is dying, or it was just a bad disc.

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Eh, it was okay. Liked parts, had issues with others. Interesting to hear Ladysmith on the ending credits, though.

So yeah, I've been watching movies lately. Guess it comes from the way LittleLove's schedule and mine haven't been in sync, plus the fact that I'm still not 100%. I did some DDR yesterday and about killed myself. Guess I need to work back up to that. I have been having more of an appetite lately, which I take to be a good sign. Although all the staff at Chinese say I look like I've lost weight. Enough that I'm almost getting a complex about it.

The comic shop never called to tell me my Astro City - Confessor trade was in... I'm thinking of heading to Thai tomorrow and checking with them while I'm out there.

Had a migraine last night, hardcore. The whole light hurts, can't find a comfortable position let alone temperature tossing and turning and unable to sleep kind of migraine that really sucks. Littlelove arrive just as it set in fully, and was with me until a little after the drugs finally kicked in to dull it. Sucked, really. Most of the time they were here, I was in pain. Then, when I finally wasn't in pain, they had to go. Bleh.

Did some coding earlier. Laying out the DB for a new script, and tweaked a few old ones like I've been meaning to.

Getting up the Bombing Run ladder, and starting on Assault in UT2K4. With all the close calls and my vulnerability to motion sickness of late, I don't want to try the finals of the other ladders yet.

I've been restless... Trend continues. I might venture out shortly to the store to stock up on a few things... I need to hit Wally World for snack bars, and then the other store for bread and such. Then again, I might not... hard to say. I haven't had much energy lately, and it's wearing on me.

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