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Missed Communication

So I call the doc's office back, and talk to.. someone. They tell me to take sudafed and come back in for a mono test. I had been under the impression that they were going to do multiple tests when I went in Fri to see what I had. Guess not. Anyway, so they pass me over to scheduling - evidently without communication. So I tell them I need lab work, and live right behind the office so can come anytime. They give me an appt 15 mins later. fine.

I get dressed and head out there. They find my paperwork and let me wander to the lab. I give the paperwork to the lab person, and they look at it for awhile. Then, they ask me if I've fasted - I reply in the negative. Then they say "this is for another cholesterol test, right? you should have fasted." I inform them that I made the appointment 10 minutes prior and that it was supposed to be to check for mono, not cholesterol. The other lab person goes off to verify as I wait.

Anyway, they draw blood and will hopefully do the correct testing on it. I didn't owe anything. But now I have to wait again.

I went to Chinese for lunch. Now I'm about to pass out. Or do something productive, whichever comes first.

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