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Ugh Motion Sickness

I notice that I'm more susceptible to motion sickness of late. Annoying. I'm nearing the top of the DD and CTF ladders in UT2K4, and it's getting rough. I barely squeaked out the last win in DD... CTF was hard, but easier than DD. Then again, I find most DD maps just don't make sense to me. Still haven't lost a match yet. As of my last screenshot, I have:
Game Time: 301 minutes
Balance: 24,644 credits
Matches: 39
Wins: 39
Kills: 684
Deaths: 36
Goals: 17
Killing Spree: 12
Rampage: 9
Dominating: 16
Unstoppable: 4
Double Kill: 57
MultiKill: 8
Flak Monkey: 1
Hat Trick: 4
Untouchable: 5

The last DD gave me another Flak Monkey, some more kills, another rampage... And a whole lotta deaths. Idiot teammates refused to obey my orders.

I was browsing around earlier, and found a wonderful source of material for new icons... So I whipped up a few.

LittleLove came by earlier to talk about last night. I'm glad, although I wish they would have just talked last night instead. It was weird. I've been monitoring work all day. Boss told me they'd have to put me on STD, and I was confused. I mean, I've been WORKING from HOME for the past WEEK. If I'd just been out and not working, I could see their point. But if that's the case, then I'm going to unplug the damn laptop and leave it off, and not answer any calls from work.

Oz just called. New toy, so they want ringtones and such.

LittleLove gets off of work in a bit... I may surprise them by stopping by their place. I haven't been out much this past week. I did go to the store today for cereal and such, and we went out to DQ last night for Blizzards. I'm feeling about as well as I was a week ago - which is to say, like I've got a mild case of something. Still no word from doc's office as to what it is/was.

Oh there's lots more that I've been meaning to write, but I'm a bit dizzy atm.

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