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Yo Doc, 'Sup?

Home from work again. Trying to get stuff done without a voice. Funtastic.

Haha called to badger me into seeing the doc. So I drove over there (figuring it'd be easier to whisper in person than on the phone) and managed an appointment later today. Joy.

Oz called briefly. Talked to RedneckNinja briefly last night as well. Spoke with LittleLove for a bit, to boot.

Got half of my DV tapes ready for Sunday. Still need to charge battereies and get more 9-volts for the wireless mic. I also probably should head into work tomorrow to print off a few things I've been meaning to. I hope I'm better by then.

This sucks. It's not intense pain - I'm quite sure I've had worse, but it is annoying to have pain just swallowing/drinking water/eating. And I've overdone it a couple times, sparking some pain flare-ups that really did hurt. Ah well, hopefully doc will see fit to give me some good drugs and knock my ass out for the next day and a half or so.

I dislike taking drugs, but if it fixes this shit.... should be worth it.

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