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Unexpected Views

I've still been feeling under the weather. It's getting annoying. I do feel slightly better today than I did yesterday, though.

I went to BB over lunch to pick up a FireWire (iLink) cable for the DVcam in hopes that it will allow the full capture instead of video only. I drooled over the new Pioneer HDTV Plasmas... My, my, my those are pretty. I ended up with a pseudo-impulse purchase, The Running Man Special Edition $15. I'd seen it come out last week, and figured I'd get it while it was still sale-ishly priced.

Then I went to Chinese for lunch, intending to head home to drop off the plunder and perhaps pick up the Metric Shit Ton (tm) of DVDR discs I ordered. Instead, the owner was talking to me about the condo they've got for sale. I ended up driving out to it with them to check it out. It's older, but has a nice amount of space. Sadly, it didn't blow me away like the previous condos I'd seen.

So I had to head back to work after lunch instead of home. Ah well, I'll hopefully be heading home for the day soon enough. We've got the official date for the next LAN party, for which UT2K4 and new machines seem to be in the works. I've got to get the Uberswitch back to its owner before then, but they guarantee I can get it back for the event.

Enigma's been a bit bitchy lately. I'm not sure what's up, but I'm not happy about it. I suppose a checkup at the vet is in order sometime in the nearish future.

As far as work goes, I've gotten some things done. I seem to be on track to finish up preparations this week and start testing next week. Joy. In other news, more completely illogical work politics.

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