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Just One More Time....

Fuck, my fileserver died last night. I spent quite a bit of the day burning stuff off to make room... But, of course, I hadn't grabbed the important personal stuff yet. I was switching back to ABC from Nero when the monitor clicked off suddenly. The HD light was solid, so I turned the machine off and back on - Lit up, but just sat there. I had to use the power supply switch to turn it off. Later, I tried again - nothing sounded like it was spinning up, just some lights and a whole lotta nothing else. I was too beat to really work on it, so I left it off for the night.

Got up yesterday to have breakfast and then decided to head back to bed. Woke up later to have my snack and play some UT2K4 before starting the day. It was about the right time, so I walked to Chinese to catch the end of lunch. Really nice day out. Walked back with my leftovers, and decided to dig in and get a few things going. I started with burning data off of my fileserver to make room.

While stuff was burning, I cleaned up my place. Downstairs looks better, and did a bit of bathroom maintenance as well. Even threw in a bit of laundry.

Eventually, LittleLove and FluffBall came by. We played with the kitties and vegged for a bit, then did a bit of Karaoke Revolution and tried out DDR Party Collection. I headed upstairs to play on my GBA while they talked for awhile.

Then they got on various journals on my laptop, so I decided to play some SSX 3 online. I hadn't played in quite awhile. I get in, and the first thing that happens is someone ASLs me. I've never been ASLed on there before. Anyway, I lost a few and won the rest - some of them were NO contest. I felt like playing some Amplitude next, so did that. Ended up going ahead and trying online play to see how it was. I ended up winning the first few, and losing one. I think I pissed off my opponent by winning a few in a row against them. Ah well, it was fun.

LittleLove came back and we just relaxed, cuddling and chatting. Eventually, they had to leave.

I crashed, and the phone woke me up this morning. I wondered who the hell would be calling me so early on a Sunday - I mean, my friends and family know better, right? It ended up being LittleLove checking with me about lunch before they headed to church.

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