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Slow... Boiling... Rage

work, meh.

Came home for a bit and installed UT2K4 then decided to head to Thai for dinner. It was nice and relaxing, and they took good care of me since I was the only customer dining in. After that, I figured I'ld walk down to the comic shop and see if they had the 2 trades I've been wanting. Bingo. Transmetropolitan 8 - Dirge was in, so I bought that. They're ordering Astro City - Confessor for me, and it should be in by Wed. Joy.

Then I hit the store since I was out of bread and nearly out of soy milk. Then I came home and relaxed while reading Transmet. Finished that, then loaded UT2K4 up. Damn, that game is a blast. They fixed what I hated about 2K3 and made it fun again. Somehow, it FEELS like it's running better than UT does on my laptop. Wild. Anyway, I had to stop when the motion sickness got to be too much for me.

Then I had the bright idea of trying to dump my scratch tape of DDR footage onto the editing machine. That turned out to be a few hours of frustration and futility. And, of course, now I need to go to the store to pick up a Firewire cable - except the stores are closed now. DAMMIT.

Anyway... I think I'll polish off the last Guinness and play sosme more UT2K4. Hopefully, that will keep me busy until LittleLove arrives.

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