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Far Side of Sanity

It's been strange. Lots of peripheral drama. Bleh.

I've actually had to *gasp* work at work. Prolly a good thing.

Still not feeling up to par. I think I'm up to Bogey now, though... A bit on the better part of what was.

Right now, for example, I'm in insomniatic mode but cuddling with Tiger. That's still negative, but more positive than it might otherwise be.

I did some apt cleanup the other day, which desperately needed to be done - still have more to do in the near future, though.

Today's motto: Never Trust A Reporter

Did some DDR and biz at the casino. Went okay. LittleLove managed an A on HVAM without bar raping, which was good. When we got back, we talked for a bit before passing out. I woke up around 2:30am or so, and they left shortly after. I'm still not managing to get back to sleep, though.

Went to Microcenter over lunch and got a DV tape winder, plus a few misc things. Saw the plate "E V I L"

Keep meaning to update here, but other things keep getting in the way or taking up the available memory space. I go back to finalize my taxes tomorrow. Have work to do, and meetings.

Went to Hayward's for lunch, and there was quite a bit more fat than normal in the burnt ends.

Almost made a deal for some IIDX and other misc stuff, but finally got shot down at the end. I dislike people who don't understand haggling. If you start at your final price, what's the point? Ah well, there's another possible deal involving Cobalts.

I made a mistake, I looked at eBay. Oh why do I do that to myself? There were several Bemani machines listed that I could have bought outright. I've got the money, although it's supposed to pay off my car.... And I'd have to move all the stuff in my living room into my bedroom upstairs to make room.... Oh, and possibly knock out a wall in order to get them in in the first place... But still... Tempting. Evil, evil place.

Uh... yeah. That's about all the random updates I can drag out of my skull right now.

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