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It was truly a difficult task getting up and out this morning. I'm still not quite sure how I managed. I'm glad I did, after all... It's just that I'm not sure how it happened.

Work is dead.

I went and got my taxes started. Why do I pay to have them done? Because the person doing the prep found a way to save me from paying $2600. Instead, I get a return from one, owe the other that and a bit more, and pay the person to do them for me. All told, I'm saving $2400 or so. Not bad at all.

Then I had to head to the bank to get the numbers from them on interest and such. I'll prolly end up owing a bit more because of that, but it shouldn't be too too much. I also got my address changed, and a few other bits of information. I have to call in tomorrow to get a new card, though - address changes are done in the nightly batch job.

I headed to BB after that. I was looking for a bidirectional miniDV rewinder in order to save wear and tear on my 950. They only had a single direction one for $30, so I passed on it.

Home for Chinese leftovers and a short conversation with LittleLove followed. Then, I had a bit of kitty time before I came back to the office.

Now, there's nothing going on. I'm probably heading home in the not too distant future, after I call in the bank info.

I've had something like a low level migraine for a few days now. It is very annoying. Still not feeling all that well, and running around in the cold rain earlier didn't make me feel any better.

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