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Early Risers

Got to work yesterday just in time to print out a novel to take to a meeting. Meeting was quick and relatively painless. RunningBear dropped off my MiniDV tapes that we had ordered. Then I dove into code until lunch.

I kinda wandered out for lunch without a plan, then realized what I wanted to do was just go home and have a sandwich. I was out of turkey, so it ended up just being PB. I ate pretty quickly, and went back to work to get it over with.

Back at work, I had a little time to polish some code before another meeting. The newspaper photographer called, and I declined to have my portrait taken for the paper. After the meeting, there was another, optional, one which I opted out of. Chatted with Hawkwind a bit, then headed home.

Got home and saw a note from LittleLove, so I called them. We chatted for a bit, then I had another sandwich before heading to their place for a bit. We vegged, then they headed out to the cop shop.

I came home and snacked, then napped. Next thing I know, LittleLove is there. We talked and vegged for a bit, then RedneckNinja called. They were kinda down, so we chatted for some time until we were laughing and such. I think we helped bring each other up a bit.

LittleLove and I chatted and vegged a bit more, then headed to bed. Slept pretty well, but woke up early. I got up, ready, and out to work early. Too early, in fact - they were giving away free snack bags of oreos and nutter butters after I went through the lobby.

I've got a meeting in an hour or so, then lunch at Arby's with LittleLove (gotta love the 5 for $5.55). Work this afternoon should be pretty low key - I hope to delve into more code and get another major piece done before heading home.

Tonight, I plan to clean, veg, and burn DVDs. I may try to watch more of the Red Dwarf III and IV DVDs that I haven't gotten back to yet. I may also make some calls and chat with people.

I'm asking around today at work for people to go in on ordering DVD blanks, as there's a volume discount. I can get by with 100 or so, myself. Today's also the payday with the yearly bonus and raise on it. I'm hoping to store that away towards a TV.

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