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Got up and out relatively on time. Spent the morning at work coding, made some good progress. Chinese for lunch with LittleLove. Yummy. Picked up the IR extenders for PS2 controllers, and took 2 in to coworker. Spent most of the afternoon coding, got most of what I wanted to done. There's still a few issues to work out, but it's live.

Then the big boss came by to talk. We went into a conference room and they basically outlined their options for our team. I didn't care for them, but we talked for awhile. Then, I had an idea which they absolutely adored. So ... we'll see what happens. I'm somewhat shocked that they did that, I had an unfavorable opinion on their methodology before (corpspeak, I know).

On my way home, the reporter called me. First, they said they gave my number to the photography department... I was unamused by that. They also mention that it would be fine to say no, though. Then they asked a bunch of questions. I get the impression their deadline is looming.

Got in, then talked to LittleLove a bit, ate, then napped. Too long, really. Oops. LittleLove came by just as I was starting to wake up. We vegged for a bit, played some games, took out the trash, got the mail, etc... Now they're napping next to me on the couch.

Work tomorrow is pretty much all meetings. Bleh.

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