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Yeah, I've been a bit bleh. Not sure why, could have been excess carbs for dinner.

Went home from work and the drain had been fixed. Let the kitties out, fed them, and headed out to LittleLove's.

We lounged around a bit, played some GC and chatted while they made steaks for dinner. My boss called, saying that I had missed a checkbox on some form for my review and that it was due IMMEDIATELY. I informed them that I was not home, did not have my laptop with me, and was not going to be home. They told me my choices were either to drive in to work to do it, or give them my password so they oculd do it for me.

I was really annoyed by this. I mean, I did this stupid thing 3 MONTHS ago - they could have checked it at ANY time BEFORE the DAY IT WAS DUE to have me change it. But they didn't, so now it's an emergency. I mean, hell, it was already late - what's wrong with a few more hours? I could have done it as soon as I came in this morning, big deal. Anyway, I let that annoyance go.

We ate, then played a bit more GC before putting Labrynth in to watch. They'd never seen it. I was struck by how dated much of it was - the green screening was horrendous. Anyway, I fell asleep near the end.

After the movie, we went downstairs and slept. The cat kept jumping on and off the bed. Woke up this morning early due to sunlight filtering in.

Managed to get home, showered, breakfasted, and off to work a bit earlier than I expected. Looks like another dead day - hopefully, I'll be able to dig into some coding and such I've been putting off for awhile. If I had RemotelyAnywhere installed like I've been meaning to, I could get some organization done on my file server.

In other news, my wrist is acting up... Guess I should go easy on it for a bit, and/or dig out the braces to wear at night.

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