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Yeeaaaah, That'd Be Great

I didn't leave my place yesterday. Got up, breakfasted, and then napped with Enigma. Woke up, and was vegging when LittleLove arrived.

We played various videogames and talked all day. We managed to get a nap in before they had to head home.

This morning, I was well rested but lethargic again. Got in to work at a decent time, and haven't had much going on. I managed to get a couple mockups of a website out to the client. I still need a graphic artist to make it pretty.

Talked a bit with RunningBear and we put in an order for some MiniDV tapes for upcoming gigs. We also discussed borrowing some hardware and misc tech details.

Oh yeah, my bathtub is completley clogged. The FOAMING PIPE SNAKE seemed only to delay the inevitable slightly. I'm disappointed in the FOAMING PIPE SNAKE's lack of ability in this matter. I was under the impression that FOAMING PIPE SNAKE was the cure-all for drain-related problems. This does not seem to be the case, so I will have to resort to measures other than the FOAMING PIPE SNAKE.

So I'll head to Chinese for lunch, then by my place to see if maint has been by yet. I locked up the kitties in case they did show up so they wouldn't be underfoot (read: out the door.) I really need to remember to dig out my tax info and get it done this week.

My calendar looks clear for the afternoon, so I'll probably go and visit S. They're booked through the week for lunch, so invited me to stop by and chat while they're on calls instead.

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