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IT Power!

Let's see here... WTH did I do yesterday? days are blending together, so...

Hmm, I think I just vegged for a bit in the morning.... played some Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time. LittleLove came over, and we had leftover Chinese for lunch before taking a nap. We stopped by Wally World for some Foaming Pipe Snake, Rabbit Food, and protein bars. Then, we went to their place for dinner. LittleLove's grandparent made fish sticks, fettucini alfredo, and corn on the cob for dinner. We watched Outbreak while we ate.

We were just about to leave when visitors showed up, so we spent a little time hanging. Then we headed to the mall. On the way, we passed the community college. There were some people outside holding signs that appeared to be anti-gay marriage. I was a bit annoyed, but then LittleLove and I both saw this sign that appeared to have stick figures done in black electrical tape having sex on it. We cracked up - I mean, how can you take anyone seriously that has that kind of sign?

We got to the mall, and they kicked my ass in HHM. Then we played a round of DDR. We did the Luv 2 Me Left/Right switch thing, which went quite a bit better than last time we tried it. We ended with HVAM. Ouch.

Then we came back to my place. We played chess. Then we attempted to play IIDX on the standard PS2 controllers - ouch. Not good. We played a little Jungle Groove, then settled in for some DDR Extreme. On controllers, we tried all sorts of crazy stuff. Finally, I was too fuzzy/blurry and they had to get home.

I slept pretty well, off and on. Now, I'm going to switch laundry loads and perhaps nap.

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