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I Just Got To Work, And I Want A Nap

TSIA, really. I've been up for a few hours already, and am ready to nap. Unfortunately, training should be starting soon.

Spent the evening playing games with LittleLove. Makken stopped by to buy some of the DVDs I'm selling. Talked to Jingoro and Beldurin briefly, as well.

LittleLove left early, and I ended up watching a hockey game (read crashing out for a few hours on the couch). Then, I wandered up to bed and slept fairly decently until 5-something. It was raining, which was nice - but something was dripping in an annoyingly loud fashion.

Got up, had breakfast, then got wrapped into database updates for one of my sites. I forgot to take my morning pills, and had to get an extra glass of soy milk to wash those down. I played a bit of FFTA then dressed and headed in.

It's really raining steadily out there. It's nice and dark, which I can appreciate. Now it's all about trying to stay awake.

I'm supposed to take LittleLove and their grandparent out to dinner tonight. Should be fun. I thought we'd go dressed up a bit - I'm wearing my work clothes.

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