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Quick Note

Warren Ellis Rocks. He mentions Terrence McKenna and William Gibson, among others... very interesting.

LittleLove is playing Amplitude atm, so I'm just piddling around on the laptop and watching off and on.

Slept like crap, was up between 3 and 6am, then went back to bed before work. Almost fell asleep in training multiple times. Went to Jack Stack (the one across the border) for lunch with a coworker - they eat there weekly. I was invited along, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Their waitperson was awesome, and really took care of everyone - completely different from the other location. They also managed to swing a slightly larger portion, so I was satisfied. Back at training, I almost fell asleep a few more times.

I came home, and was feeling like complete crap. I managed to answer questions the reporter called me to ask about and leave a message for LittleLove before I crashed. Slept until LittleLove came by and woke me up. Now we're just vegging.

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