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I'm still sore from the Expedited Stair Descent Technique (tm).

Had a good lunch with LittleLove and family. Watched The Mummy and I ended up taking a semi-conscious nap for a bit. I decided to have LittleLove make all the plans and decisions for the day. It went pretty well.

We came back to my place and LittleLove played some Animal Crossing while I ate and futzed a bit. Then, we finally broke out that DreamParaPara setup I got last week. Had a bit of fun trying that out. From there, we returned to Karaoke Revolution, which I managed to win due to luck of the random song choice. Finally, we played quite a bit of Amplitude, in which I dominated.

A small nap later, and they went home. I crashed for a little bit, then was wide awake. So, of course, I decided to catch up online. I missed quite a bit, it seems.

Now, I'm going to fiddle a bit with the laundry and re-crash.

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