Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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once again, I appear to be beat.

I got up around 7.... Uh... vegged and such for awhile, then went to pick up LittleLove. Went to Half Price and sold a few more things, then to Best Buy for a new digicam bag. Ended up at the mall after that for lunch and some zippered cargo pant/shorts. We wrapped up the trip with a nap.

Around 4:30, I dropped them off and headed up to St Joe to play DDR. It was good times, played DMX2 for the first time in a year or more... Oh how I miss that game. BMCR was amusing. Keyboardmania is just too damn hard - too many keys to keep track of. PPP was great to watch, but I didn't feel like playing this time. Faded kept the place going after closing for us, which was nice - though it made for a LONG night. Drive back wasn't bad though.

So now I ache and am just having a snack before crashing hard, I imagine.

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