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It Didn't Turn Out To Be A Bad Night

... just not the one I had planned. At this point, I should be 45 mins or so from landing. Instead, I'm at home about ready to crash.

So, on to the details of the day.

I went to work, where we had a fire drill sort of meeting and had to scramble for a few things. Then, Hayward's for lunch with LittleLove. Back to work for a bit, where I found out about my meager yearly raise. Then headed home to pack and such. LittleLove came by and helped me finish the last bit of packing, then we headed to the airport.

Got to the airport, and I didn't see any reason to make them wait... So they just dropped me off and I went in. Got right up to the international counter, and told them where I was going. The first thing they asked was "Okay, where's your passport?" I was taken completely by surprise. I've flown and driven in and out of Canada many times before. NEVER have I needed my passport. Except, of course, this time. So the agent and I tried to figure out what we could do. I needed to provide either my passport or birth certificate and driver's license. I had my social security card, but that wasn't enough. There was also an alternative using a notary, but that would cost $75 and MIGHT be done in time for the flight. The agent offered to schedule me on the same flight tomorrow, but that wouldn't really leave me much time there. So I've got credit for the ticket, but have to pay $100 in ticket change fees to use it. Ah well.

So, since LittleLove doesn't have a mobile, I was stuck. I called their home anyway to let them know what was going on. I called a few various people that I thought might be close by, and finally found A, who was pretty close at the time. They were just finishing up some errands, but could transport me. While I waited, I called Haha. They didn't know about the change, either - and they usually keep up on such things. Then A rang in so I let Haha go. A was at the airport and wanted details of where to find me. Then LittleLove rang in, having just arrived home and gotten my message. I let them know I was headed home soon by other means.

Rode back with A. Some interesting conversation ensued. It wasn't a bad ride, really... Excepting the part where I wanted to go in and they wanted to keep talking. I came in and relaxed a bit, had a snack, and then called LittleLove. We decided to head out for some DDR at a place neither of us had been. It sucked. Then we came back here to watch some Hellsing.

So, all in all, a strange and annoying situation... but the day as a whole turned out okay.

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