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I napped after work last night. Tried, but couldn't stay awake. LittleLove woke me up by coming over. We looked through some photos and such, and then decided to hook up at least the DVD player and receiver. Then we watched the first two eps of Hellsing. After that, we talked for quite awhile and napped before they had to head home.

So... I didn't get any packing done at all. I'm heading into a meeting here in a few, and then it's off to lunch. I'm coming back to work briefly, then heading home to pack and do all those fun last-minute things before I head out.

I'm dreading the travel portion of this trip. I haven't been on a flight this long in quite awhile. I want to make sure I've got batteries for my GBA and earphones... May even take my neck pillow. Wish I'd thought to pick up more earplugs.

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