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Sleep, At Last!

I was finally able to sleep last night. It was GOOD.

The reason was that LittleLove left early, and we didn't nap. I was pretty much falling asleep before they left, so they went ahead left to let me crash.

Work sucked, as per usual. I was mostly incoherent, and spent much time just trying to do anything to keep awake. I headed out to meet LittleLove for some DDR and HHM after work, then came home and showered and vegged until they came by to hang out for a bit.

Mythbusters still rocks.

Today, it's more of the neverending training session I think... I'm quite content to let this waste of time keep going - it's something to charge my time to this week, and it also doesn't permit too much else in the way of work.

I leave the country after work tomorrow. I'm excited about that - it's been awhile since I got out, and being able to meet someone I've talked to online for years is always interesting.

Then I've got training the whole week after I get back.

Let's see... I need to call Ankh back, I've missed two calls now. I'm supposed to call RedneckNinja before I leave, as well. There's a few other misc calls and errands I should take care of tonight, in addition to packing.

Tomorrow, there's not going to be too much time after work before my flight leaves. LittleLove is taking me to the airport, and caring for the kitties as well.

So... A little bit rushed, a little bit interesting.... I need to get some sleep tonight, as well - it's going to be a long day by the time I get done with travel. I get in something like midnight local time, and will have started the day at 5am local or so.

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