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Today Has Been A Good Day To Be Home

I went out for DDR last night, and the maint person hadn't shown up when I got back. I called the emergency maintenance number, but no one responded. I was irate.

So, I finally got some decent sleep going this morning - just in time, of course, for the alarm to go off. *grumble* Called the office, but they weren't open yet - of course. Logged on to work and managed to finally get ahold of the office before getting on the training call.

Maint person shows up, says that it's a little rubber piece that's worn out, and is done in 5 minutes *fume* I let the water warm for a bit while I listen in to training and putter around cleaning/organizing.

Another knock at the door - FedEx. My new Pioneer 107 8x DVD burner is in early. Joy! I continue to putter/clean/organize.

I make fajitas for lunch, and log off the training call for the lunch break. Putter, etc.

Another knock at the door - UPS. Package from RedneckNinja arrives - I had them pick up a few things for me in Japan. I now OWN a Trance Vibrator! There's some other fun stuff in there, such as two phone dangles (one from One Piece), a Guinness foldable flying disc, and a copy of Boondock Saints. Happiness.


I just opened up the server to flip the floppy cable I connected the wrong way (again), take out my old DVD-ROM, and format the two HDs I'm going to sell hopefully tomorrow, before I put the new DVD burner in. The 20G is formatting... It's taking longer than I thought it would for a mere 20Gigs. Ah well. Then, I'm going to run whichever of the half-dozen drive wiping apps I grabbed earlier and actually installed to make it a bit more difficult to read anything that was previously there.

I'm on the training call again for work... *twirl* It's about time for a snack, I think. I need to make a run to Wally World to get more snack bars - I'm down to 2 of the same kind left. Let's see... Leftover fajitas for dinner, and then I may go out to the arcade for some DDR... or catch a movie, or something. I've been inside all day, and may feel like getting out of here for a bit later.

Tomorrow, it's off to CC for a modest DDR gathering and perhaps more in-person interviewing with the local alternative newspaper. I should also be selling off a few items for cash. I'm probably going to post in here with a list of stuff for sale on the off chance someone wants to buy something from the list. I really want to be rid of this stuff.

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