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I'm pretty well beat. Kinda sore, to boot.

Did that whole going to work and not having too much to do thing, though I did manage to keep busy. I need to whip out some documentation in the morning, but other than that...

Came home and napped, then go rudely awoken by a call from the person who had called me this morning. Bleh.

Went back to sleep, this time with Tiger.

Woke up feeling a bit better once I unfuzzied. Decided to take out the trash and head to the store. Surprise, it was snowing. Still walked to the store, got my stuff (free, thanks to the gift cards from the apt complex) and walked home without incident. It was kinda slick though - I'm still thinking about getting some boots.

Home, I decided to grab some stuff from the scan box and get to it. So I did. 100+ scans later... I found some interesting stuff. I've got all these old pics from cons and such. Found some of Jingoro, Beldurin, Ankh, Haha, Chichi, Strawberry, Oz, Tigger, Gav, Gheezie, and myself to name a few.

I think I'm done with that for the night. Also watched some hockey and did a bit of chatting. Now, I think, it's time to go to bed and play FFTA until I sleep.

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