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Dr. Doc Doctor

Ahh, sometimes Comics say it all.

Anyway, back from the doc. I lost 6 more pounds in the past 3 months - not bad, if I do say so myself. My blood pressure was phenomenally low for me. And, of course, had more bloodwork. Another 2 week wait on that. From the last time, my average blood sugar dropped into the acceptable zone, even if I did have a slightly high spike. Cholesterol is coming down, but needs to go even further. The main recommendation I got was to exercise more. In fact, doc told me to buy a treadmill in order to help automate the process. Doc said to walk while watching tv or reading every day, as that's what they do, and it works. I doubt I'll do that - a treadmill would get in the way of my DDR pads. Perhaps I'll continue my recent trend of getting out to DDR more often, and finally hook up my home system so I can DDR at home as well.

I got a strange call from someone at work. It seems I'm becoming known as THE expert on the software I use. That's amusing. I may have a busier-than-expected afternoon at work. Not a good thing, as I'd planned on having time to do some web work.

Anyway, I need to wrap this up and get ready to head to Chinese for lunch before heading in to work.

My back aches today for no apparent reason.

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