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Got a call from a number I didn't recognize earlier. Turned out to be someone from the place I did a website for a few years ago (the ones that never paid).... Evidently, they just noticed that their website was down because their year and a half old check came around trying to be cashed. I replied that the particular host they were with had major issues with billing, and that I no longer used them. They went on to say they were clueless, etc... And I stated that I'd be happy to help, but I was never paid for my initial work. That led to mentioning the person I had been working with, and they mentioned that person was no longer with the company. Hah. In any case, the big boss is on vacation, but there's to be some discussion once they get back in.

I was never really proud of that site, and part of the reason was that I really didn't like my contact person... The other thing is that they never came back with all the material they were supposed to..... And I kind of just lost interest when I didn't get paid for it, either. So we'll see what happens. If they're willing to pay, I may offer to 'correct' the site for free. They also need a new host... I'm tempted to act as host for them so that I can milk some of that as well. Not sure yet - my desire to do this sort of thing usually wanes after a bit. Then again, it should be pretty low maintenance.

That leads to my deadline next week - I've done the basics of a mockup so far. That's it. No design, no graphics, etc. Not looking good that way. I'm not sure what I want to do from here.

I played a bit with the DVcam last night - just took some misc stills of the apt and the cats. I like how quickly the cam takes pics - the laser grid it projects is kind neat as well. The popup flash seems to do very well. I packed all the misc stuff in the bag I got yesterday. I charged the light, which my reminder woke me up at 2am to unplug it (directions stated to not leave it plugged in too long (I hate stupid batteries/chargers)). I got some tapes, as well - but they were expensive.

If I can score these two web deals, I should be able to almost break even with my recent purchases. Not bad at all.

Hmm... I suppose I'll head back to work.

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