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Mission Complete

I finished _Ender's Shadow_ in just around 5 hours. I was thinking of doing some calculations on that, taking the 380 page length of the book, average words per page, etc... But I'll save that for when I'm really bored.

Suffice to say, I enjoyed the work immensely. It is a parallel work to _Ender's Game_ told by the POV of Bean. It is done in exactly the same style as the original book, and weaves a separate tale in and around the original plotlines.

Sadly, it only leaves me wanting for more. I do admire the Preface, which provides a few tibits on the work, as well. It appears as if we'll be treated to more stories in this world-time in the future, and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to it with impatience.

Other than that, missed a few calls, made a few calls.. nothing big. One of the promising companies contacted me via email to set up another interview, since I couldn't talk when the last one was supposed to take place.

With any luck, and not a small amount of work by myself, I'll be gainfully employed and the hell out of this place well within the 30 day deadline.

Anyway, I forgot to eat lunch because I was engrossed in the novel, so I need to remedy that and prepare for the arrival of RedneckNinja.

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