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But whyyyy can't I use a hammer?!?

So I finally got the stuff shoehorned (and I mean that almost literally - I don't think I own a shoehorn, or I would have used one) into the new machine... I'm glad I have the round cables, because it's a mess. I'm waiting for the glow in the dark stuff to charge a bit before I turn the lights out and take pics. I can only hope it's all correct - I don't fancy having to dive back in there to correct anything.

I did get most of the rest of my orders in. Yes, I'm the proud owner of a DVcam at last.

I headed to the apt office after work to pick up the stuff, plus take care of the little matter of them thinking I owed.... Took longer than expected, but the end result is that I have a contract that states my rent is what I thought it should be - none of that stupid 'concession for x months free' crap. Advantageous, should I decide to break the lease for some reason. I'm also supposed to finally get the gift certificates and such I was promised. Hmm, and maintenance should be coming tomorrow to look at the washer again - I'm sick of washing everything in hot.

So, the cats will be jailed in the morning, and I should probably move the catbox out of the way and sweep the excess litter up. It pays to be nice to the maint people.

Haha called and chattered away for a bit.

I'm currently charging the DVcam batteries - the extended one I got is HUGE compared to the other one... like 3x the size or so. And it's got a E---F guage as well. I'm really liking the dual battery charger, even if it can't handle charging both at once. The manual for the DVcam is huge... Gonna take awhile to get through it and such. I put the mic that Aha got for me on it, and it looks good. I don't have any tapes or a camera bag for it yet, but I'm thinking tomorrow I'll need to run by Best Buy and pick something out. I can, I suppose, record to the tiny Memory Stick that was included. They may as well have not bothered with that one, since I've got a 128MB one on the way.

I think I'll have a snack, take some epics, and see what kind of damage the new machine has. After that, I'll prolly play with the DVcam a bit and veg before heading to bed. I'm trying to not take a nap tonight, so will prolly end up crashing early.

One of my sites is down again. I emailed in to tech support, and they replied with "oh yeah, we're installing patches." Fuckers. What possessed them to suddenly take down the server and apply patches in the middle of the day is beyond me. Damn 99% uptime guarantees. 3.65 days a year of downtime is an eternity. I'm going to look for 99.9% uptime with my next host.

Hmm, other things I was going to mention... but I lost them somehow. Damn RAM-filled brain.

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