Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Spent quite a lot of the day vegging. Did some scanning - all these old phone bills back when Chichi and Haha were in Japan, and Strawberry was my SO. I spent a shit ton of money on the phone back then. Did laundry. Actually organized my bedroom a bit.

I was attempting to organize some of the files I've got lying around, and then got distracted and started watching Ninja Scroll TV... Got up to episode 10 or so before I quit. It's somewhat interesting to see, but also a bit repetitive. I'm finally starting to burn some data off now - I had meant to be doing this for the past few hours. Ah well.

I'm going to try to stay up until the final load of laundry is done before crashing, but it might be touch and go near the end. I plan to head offline and play some FFTA, perhaps burn another DVD or two, and then shower before I sleep.

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