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Oh, Mr Pratchett

I got one of the items in today- Wyrd Sisters DVD. It's an animation based on one of the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels. I enjoyed it. It's a bit... well, primitive... But still manages to convey some of the humor and such. I'm looking forward to acquiring the Soul Music one, as that's a favorite.

I suppose it helped that I was in a Pratchett mood, having taken some time yesterday to read a bit of Monstrous Regiment at a bookstore over lunch. It's the newest, and only available in hardback, so I didn't want to buy it. I still don't quite understand buying new hardbacks at full price - it just seems like such a waste to me.

In any case, none of the other packages have arrived yet - I expect Mon to start a busy mail week. I'm going to leave a note by the door for FedEx/UPS to drop packages at the office in hopes they actually will (they are supposed to, but haven't yet for some reason).

Did a bit more scanning, and finally tackled a pile of mail I had lying about. Good news is that I haven't yet missed my window to claim my medical copays for last year, and I still have all the info for them. I put $100 in my pre-tax medical thing, and should be able to claim $75 or so. Kinda breaking even, really - since I lose what would probably have gone to taxes anyway.

Went out to the mall arcade for some DDR. It was good to get out and do that. It's amazing how impressed people are with someone who doesn't flail and miss every step. I'm still rusty and off and such, but I still am better than most people I see playing there. Of course, most of the better people play elsewhere...

I thought I had finally sold my psx, but that fell through. Argh. I don't want to keep it around, but I want to get a fair price for it.

Spoke to Ankh, RedneckNinja, and Haha in the past day. Chatted with Ratty. Sent emails to Oz and Strawberry. Exchanged offline ICQ's with Yakumo. So I suppose I've been fairly communicative, even though I've kept mostly to myself.

Woke up this morning out of soy milk and low on cereal. Had a protein bar and vegged for a bit before heading out to Chinese for lunch and hit the store on the way back. Also got catfood, which Enigma currently appears to be partaking of. Tiger's been snuggling up to me most of the day. We napped earlier.

I've been having strange network issues - I don't know if my WAP is giving out or what, but it's not acting right. I keep dropping connecting several times a day for no apparent reason. I may have to enable WEP here shortly to see if that helps - even if it does kill my speed. The whole network went down earlier - I think something happened on the cable end - I reset everything in order from the cable modem to the WAP, and it was all okay again.

I played some FFTA earlier, but kept doing stupid shit to get my people to break the laws and such. Kept resetting, and didn't progress at all. Annoying.

Tomorrow, I plan to take it easy. Do laundry, keep scanning and organizing, and perhaps so dome DVD burning.

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