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There Is Only One Way Out

And that's through.

Full emotional range today/night.

I was digging through boxes and found file folders... Lots of old letters from various people - most of which I hadn't spared a thought for in... a decade or so.

TV, Overlord, TSD, Matt Shaw, Dig, JR, etc... Lots of people there. Memory rush extreme.

I got the scanner hooked up, so I'm scanning them all in and trashing the originals... I'm kind of glad I kept them, but I'm sick of lugging them around. I plan to put them on DVD with a bunch of other personal stuff, then put that in the fireproof box I have for safekeeping.

I'm amazed, really. I really forgot about these people - and some of the letters are rather emotional. I don't know what to think. I kind of want to follow up with some of them and see what's news... Perhaps send a postcard with my email address and see what comes back.

Having problems with one of my sites - the database is stating 'too many users' again. bleh. I also checked my access logs, and it looks like phpbb is trying to serve up the wrong path for some images part of the time for no apparent reason. Issues to investigate.

I may have picked up some work today which I'll need to actually dedicate time to working on. Still need a graphic designer to work with, although a coworker might be able to fill in there. Trying to get Oz in on the deal as well. I've got 2 weeks to return with pricing and some ideas.

I'm trying to keep track of a shit ton of packages that are incoming... I ordered quite a bit in the way of new toys. I'm trying to clean up my living room by the time they arrive so that I keep my end of that bargain to myself.

I'm going to try to finish scanning this stack before I crash... not sure I'll make it, and I still want to play some FFTA before I sleep. I was looking at the 'official' hint guide today in order to determine which of the FAQs have the right speed growth listings so I can try to tailor my characters a bit better in that regard.

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