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I could have sworn I made an entry after I got home, but I guess not...

I had "orientation" which was a load of crap I tried to tolerate and learn something from... I didn't do so well at either... Lots of boring talk, and not much that I didn't know already or needed to know. Oh well, they served us a free lunch and we didn't even have to go out into the subzero windchill on ice to eat. I met some interesting people, including one person from Perth, and a really cute person who is working in collections whom I walked out of the thing an hour or two early with...

Came home, relaxed for a bit, then realized I needed to go to the apt office with my maintenance list... which I did, walking... wasn't too bad, I wore my boots and all my cold weather gear...

oh the stupid phone company called me on my mobile while I was in orientation.. seems they still haven't figured out that the $100+ they think I owe them is from their own dumb mistake. they wanted me to stay on the line and resolve it, but I'm not going to waste airtime on that shit. I've already gone through 3/4 of my airtime for the month already. I need to switch to a better plan.

Let's see... what else... chatted, burned some cds... Got a call from Oz, wanting to chat, we tried several methods, but none worked... hooked up the psx... I forgot how nice and loud my system can go.. I was listening to mp3's, and I've got the volume out of the computer set a bit low... I forgot to turn it down when I hooked the psx up, and the boot noise shook the entire complex... hehehe

my psx is really trying to die on me /: not only are the dance pads for ddr getting really annoying, but the cds are starting to skip as well... I may have to get a new one or at least replace the cd head here soon...

I've got towels stuffed around the doors and windows in a vain attempt to keep out the cold that's leaking in... it's downright chilly in the bedroom.. and the heater's been running nonstop ever since I've been home...

hmm, prolly gonna veg and chat a bt more, then crash

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