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Aches and Pains

I had the beginnings of a migraine at work. Left, came home, slept. Woke feeling a bit better, so decided to start in on assembling the new machine. I should have known better.

For a really cheap case, it's not too bad. Rather sturdy, in fact. I like the fact that it came with thumbscrews - even for the card slots. Anyway, I brought out that cheap power supply I got awhile back and installed it. No problems there. Then I figured I'd take the front panel off and install the front fan. Ugh. I hate the way this case's front panel works. I ended up using 4 screwdrivers and 2 pairs of pliers simultaneously - by myself - in order to get the damn thing off. I ended up ripping a nail, to boot.

So I finally get the fucker off. And the fan cage is a real bitch to get off - looks like the tab on one side is too big for some reason and won't let go. I struggle with that for a bit before finally getting it off. And then I can't find the damn fan. I know I took it out of my other case before I sold it, but it's not sitting with any of the other crap I've got scattered around waiting to be reinstalled. W.T.F.? So then I decide to take a break from searching and open up the editing machine to put the Corsair memory in it. That goes relatively painlessly, although I realize there's some sort of crap all over the side panel and window - and the window is scratched as well. *sigh* Anyway, to take out the ram I had to take out the videocard, since it was blocking the tab. And to do that, I had to take off the cover that extends out the back to protect the card slot screws. P.I.T.A. Anyway, got that done.

I take a break to eat, and wander around for a bit looking for that fan. It finally occurs to me that it may be in my big tub o computer shit. Indeed, once I dig that out - there it is. I'm about to install the fucker, then realize it's duty as all hell. I get a can of air, freak out the cats with it, then stand partially outside to blow it off. Takes another 5-10 minutes to get the fucker in the cage, then out the cage back on the case.

That accomplished, I decide to head online to see if I can figure out what this extra cord is that was included in the case kit. I don't know why case manufacturers refuse to put instructions or even detailed diagrams of their products up - it's fucking annoying.

Anyway, while I was here I figured I'd go ahead and catch up onilne. Now that I'm vegging, I realize that my neck hurts, my headache is coming back, and I've been in a really bitchy mood since I got home. I'm wavering at this point between trying to get at least the motherboard in, or just getting things relatively cat safe before drugging myself to sleep.

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