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Went home a bit early for lunch, expecting my new case to be there. It wasn't. Called into the phone company, who explained that my service was turned off because I didn't pay a bill that I didn't receive. They went on to explain that they didn't care if I was overcharged, if they didn't get the full amount then my service would be shut off. Went to Chinese for lunch.

Work was completely useless. Headed home a bit early to call back in to the phone company on a different number. Got transferred, then finally thought it was getting fixed - nope. They said they could make the change going forward, but could not change the bill already issued. I threatened to go to the other local phone company, and they said they didn't want me to do that but had no other choices.

I fumed, then sent off an email to see if I could get some help. Supposedly, I'm getting something. I also got an FCC website at which to lodge a formal complaint if this other doesn't happen. I'm thinking of dropping the phone altogether, although that has impacts I'm not sure I'm quite prepared for.

Anyway, had dinner then headed out to make the drop/payoff. Found the person first thing (well, after having a token machine eat my quarter) and got the cash, so the deal was done easy. Saw some newbies playing DDR. Stepped in to help them finish a song, and helped select easier songs for them. They still failed. Got up and did a basic old performance to Afronova, which scared them off. Ah well. Finished the set, and headed home.

Vegged for a bit, then RedneckNinja called. We talked for quite awhile, then I vegged until finally crashing. Didn't sleep very well - until, of course, the alarm went off. I'll have to take that as a postitve sign, though... I've been waking/getting uo before it for several weeks now.

Today... Stop by Best Buy and get Red Dwarf 3 and 4... Head home for leftover Chinese for lunch. Perhaps stop by the apt office and have them tow the people who have been in my (reserved, paid for) spot for the past 3-4 days, and perhaps fix the washer. I may start assembling the new machine, although I realized I forgot to check voltages and may need a new videocard as well.

I have a little paperwork to do for work, and a meeting which still hasn't actually been scheduled yet. Shit, I just realized I'm in training all day tomorrow... Hope I remember that in the morning.

I finally booked my flight to the Northwest... Looking forward to it, but a little anxious as well.

Hmmm... other stuff, I'm sure... maybe later.

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