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She Canna Handle Th' Pow'r Cap'n!

It seems the entire downstairs is on 2 breakers. Everything from the kitchen light to the front door light are on one. And the over-the-counter outlets are on another. W.T.F.

So I was watching TV with all 4 machines going - nothing new there. I did, however, add the little heater I got yesterday into the mix. *CLICK* Everything went off. Dammit.

I've tripped it again since. It's touchy if the heater is on... If the monitor suddenly draws more power, it goes.


I've got this uberswitch again - 48 port Cisco. Damn nice. LAN party today in an hour or two.

I actually, between outages, have been going through and sorting files and such. I ran virus scans on all my machines, as well as did some security patches, upgrades, etc. I was in the middle of downloading new versions of various apps for my new Utilities CD when the power went off last. Meh. Reimage of my laptop was successful, finally... took a few tries and various password guesses to get it.

I did some backups, so I think I'm ready to disassemble the old desktop. I've got all the new parts except the case sitting here waiting.

I did go through some documents and such, and put more stuff in the 'toss box'. Still have a pile, even if it is slowly getting smaller.

Talked to Haha. Yeah, they're going to do the amazon thing. I tried to get the to just pay for the heater, but they wanted to do something else instead. Ah well.

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