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I've got both my laptops and both my desktops going right now. My new parts came in, I braved the cold to FedEx to pick them up. Still waiting on the case, though - kinda hard to assemble it without the case. I suppose I could go ghetto and use a cardboard box like I've seen some do... Except that the static electricity in here is wicked, and I wouldn't feel very sure about it.

BTW, it's bloody cold. Currently 10oF with a -1oF windchill. I wore sweats under my jeans, and the full arrangement of cold weather gear.

Haha called just before I got there - they're keeping busy, etc. They already lost the Amazon wishlist I sent them, they wanted to get something off of it for me. I'm considering just delaying that and hoping they don't get me anything. Although, really, I know better.

Work was useless. I went to a focus group regarding a new employee publication - it was interesting in parts. Came home for a quick lunch, then went back for what I thought were meetings I had - turns out they'd pretty much been canceled. We sat and chatted and bitched anyway.

Another annoying thing was the fact that our training got denied. I protested - I knew they were blowing smoke when they spouted the bs about "taking care of our employees and committing to getting them the skills they need" etc. I'm calling them on this one. It's complete BS. They're saying that we need to find someone local - no one local teaches such a specialty app. If we don't find anyone local, they're willing to send ONE of us - and then expect that person to come back and teach the rest. Yeah, right. What BS. I retaliated by saying that I'm going for the certification, and thus need a certified instructor. We'll see.

My work laptop is fux0red. I can't install software, and things have been otherwise really flaky for quite awhile. Of course, my DVD/CD drive is broken, so I can't reimage it. I talked to one of my coworkers whose last day is Fri, and I'm going to grab their machine and perform a transplant. Then, of course, try to resuscitate my machine.

Oh, and they had a going away lunch today that I missed due to the damn Focus Group. Ah well.

I'm getting concerned - I've been getting more spam in my Y! account lately than my Hotmail one... Scary stuff.

Came home early today and crashed out for a nap with Tiger. Got up and out to FedEx after. Watching hockey and geeking now.

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