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Color Me Unimpressed

I was poking around on the editing machine, where I've been filling my RAID array with a bunch of crap in order to get it organized and on DVD. Seriously, I need to rethink this whole thing... 400Gig array, and I'm down to around 30Gig free. Not to mention the drives on my other machine are nearing capacity as well. It's a damn addiction...

Anyway, back to the unimpressed part. I have various video files lying around, and I decided that perhaps George Carlin could improve my mood. At first, he did. Then, however... his show went downhill fast, and just never recovered. It was a recent show, and well... I hate to say it, but GC might be getting a little old now - his jokes had a more old timer feel to them than I remember in person... It was just... meh.

I had something else to write, but I forgot already... hmm.

Work was okayish. Had back to back meetings. One was horrible, nothing got accomplished and I didn't see why we had it. The other went okay, but was kind of half-assed. Had some good conversations with coworkers, and lent out both the new BNL and Socko CDs.

Oh, my parts have shipped... Hopefully I'll get them by Fri, but the case shipped a bit later and is on the ground instead of saver shipping so it could take longer. I'm looking forward to setting up my download machine right, and having it be able to handle tasks with a bit more gusto.

It was really freaking cold today.. and snowy, to boot. I'm glad I've got both space heaters machines running to take the edge off the cold... and the extra insulation seems to have helped a bit, but I'm still tempted to go back and get more - of a different type. we'll see.

Managed to have leftover Chinese for lunch, and hit the store on the way home... Finally got some peanuts to snack on when I get the urge.

Gonna much around a bit more before I crash... I really need to make some sort of headway into all this damn data.

Oh, and my laptop mouse is already running out of battery power... Do I really use it THAT much?

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