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Well I'm up later than I thought I'd be

Turns out that someone wants to buy the core of my older desktop machine for a decent price. We all know what that means, right? Upgrade!

So basically my downloading machine will be nearly equal to my editing machine.... Not too bad, really. I'm only getting the case/motherboard/processor/ram for now - that should be plenty to see me through for awhile. The board's got 4 SATA interfaces, plus 3 IDE channels... I should be set to make it a fileserver as I add drives. I think I'm going to switch the RAM with the other machine, though. Anyway, I spent quite a long time trying to decide on parts... Funnily enough, I had most of it in my cart already from last time I was looking at stuff. The big deal was the case... I didn't want to spend too much, but it was kinda hard to not get one of the nicer cases. In the end, I went with pure cheapness and got this okay-looking $20 case without a window... And I didn't remember until the last minute that I have a power supply just lying around unused, so that's a savings as well.

So.. yeah. I'm beat, and heading to sleep... nowish.

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