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Hell Is Waiting

Bleh, I know why I hate to sell stuff... I take 2 boxes of books to Half Price... Wait 45 mins... and get $11. Meh.

Then I'm at Vintage Stock, and all they take from the entire box is 1 NES controller and 1 NES Arkanoid controller... for $1.50 total. Meh.

I'm at Wally World, and spend more than that on my fish oil pills and two window heatshrink insulation kits.

In any case, the point was to be rid of the stuff and perhaps get some cash back.. which I've done. I've got a box of stuff that I should probably eBay... Tho what I'm looking for is a professional eBayer to turn it over to.

So I'm home having a snack and trying to maintain some sort of energy level so I can either get through more boxes or at least clean up the crap I'm saving from the other boxes. It's possible, though unlikely, that I could dig out the PS2, GC, etc and set to hooking all that up a bit later.

I meant to take the new BNL album along, since I still have yet to listen to it.... But I forgot.

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