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Well, despite the fact I've been antisocial for the past week or two - especially last night - I did manage to stay awake after work and putter around a bit. It lasted long enough that I went to bed a bit early, but not overly so... And then was able to sleep most of the night through, waking up only shortly before the alarm instead of hours before.

It may be that I am finally returning to something parading as a schedule... One can hope.

I did also manage to hit two different stores to stock up my food supplies, and with the addition of a wally world trip today to replenish the fish oil and protein bar stock I will be set for a few days at least... Hopefully as long as a week.

Email yesterday included one from Johnny Socko regarding my CD order. It seems the USPS decided to return the package because of an internal error with the zip code. Bah! In any case, I confirmed my shipping address and they are supposed to be sending it back out.

I have managed to play all of the Very Small islands on Slay on Very Stupid. I'm randomly trying a few of the various larger ones as well. I'm amused that they take about the same number of game days to complete, even if the temptation to use auto-move is higher. I'm unsure as to whether I want to comtinue to play on Very Stupid, or begin to attempt the more intelligent opponents... Slay is a nice relaxing break to me - I always win, and it's nice that way. I don't play it to get frustrated.

Speaking of frustrated, (no, I didn't mean like that... although...) FFTA last night was... BAH! I went into a battle and got trounced - one enemy was sitting on a bluff out of range and kept paralyzing my people. I only had my Dragoon/Templar who could remove said affliction, and they were occupied trying to kill the damn thing. Since Target Area was off, my Black/Time Mage (Montblanc) resorted to Hasting others before they got stoned (huh huh), but it wasn't enough. When my Beastmaster/Illusionist got KO'd I turned it off in disgust. THEN I played a bit later on, and I decided to start using Steal: Ability (I know, at level 25 it's a bit late - I should have been doing this all along) on CM (Marche) and another human, both of whom I reclassed as Thief/Fighters. I had my handy-dandy Assassin/Sniper go around with Nightmare to sleep the enemies so I could steal at 100%. I got a bunch of new abilities, and was feeling pretty good. Then, I decided to use my Black/Time mage (Montblanc) to slow the last enemy so I could get another steal or two before Doom took affect. I had forgotten to check the laws. Dammit. I turned it off in disgust. Eventually, I got through a battle and stole a decent number of abilities. That was my stopping point for the night, but I'm anxious to go steal more... Especially if I can find some nice rare abilities on the higher classes - or at least to fill in the gaps on the lower ones.

I also did some laundry last night, and vacuumed. I locked the kitties up during both, since I was washing the couch thingy and didn't want them getting cat hair all over it or scratching the bare couch to shreds any more than they already have... Not to mention the fact that they freak at the vacuum - especially (no big surprise) Enigma.

RedneckNinja called and we chatted briefly before they got to the reason for the call - tech support again for their boss's machine. This time, someone had thoughtfully replaced the standard video driver with some app for the nearly blind. I guess they were trying to help, but having a modern machine in 640x480 with 16 colors just doesn't cut it. I don't know how easy it is to find just a video driver for an HP machine, but I told them it was either that or reinstall 2k.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I had the TV on either at all or very much. Interesting... I wonder if I should just go ahead and cancel cable, then. Perhaps I will, although I did notice my bill had gone down a bit since I moved and got a discount on access.

Work. I suppose I'll play some more Slay continue working on the documentation and such that seems to be my role of late. Not exciting, but not particularly stressful either.

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